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Alex Radelich

“People who are in the habit of enjoying the comfort of inaction often pay a high price in the end.”

– Dr. T.P. Chia.

If you want to get ahead in 2020, you need to think outside of the box.

I’ve quit my job, started multiple businesses, I’m writing a novel, and I still feel like I’m behind.

Have these businesses been crazy successful? No, but I’m trying something new and pushing myself to create a lifestyle that I want once things return to normal.

This year has shattered the illusion that staying in your lane will reward you, and all you need to do is keep the status quo. …

Signature Scent Vs. Simply Smelling Good

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Jess @ Harper Sunday

Hear me out; you know how there are some people that have a perfume or cologne that is so distinctive and pleasant that you can identify them before you even see them?

It’s powerful, isn’t it?

Of our five senses, smell is sometimes left by the wayside unless something smells either really good or really bad, especially when you’re being social.

And to be clear, I’m not talking about the way your significant other smells because that’s a different conversation.

I’m talking about matching your personality with a scent that fits so well; it’s as if you smell that way naturally. …

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Jay Wennington

What would you do if you were carpooling with a dude wearing a pink polo on the way to a night of clubbing, and when you ask him to pick a song, he chooses Orphan by Slipknot?

Many emotions might be running through your head, and you might have questions like what the hell? I am not in the mood for this, and why does this guy listen to music like this?

It turns out I’mI’m the guy in the pink polo who chose Slipknot.

Before you say I should have just read the room and choose a song to match the occasion, know that I did afterward, and we had a great time. …

Here’s The Difference

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Icons8 Team

I know I’m not the only one who did everything I possibly could to try and get a job out of college, but nothing worked.

When I finally got hired, I was so grateful and happy, but little did I know that I was joining a very toxic team with a manager that did not like me; and I ultimately quit that job ten months in because I could not stand to be around that culture anymore.

I didn’t even have any applications out when I quit. I was just so angry. …

Extra Money is the Cherry on Top

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Andrey Grodz

Loneliness is not a fun feeling.

You can be surrounded by people but still feel lonely.

But in my life, I’ve always felt a surplus of belonging and joy when I worked multiple jobs.

At times I can seem like a workaholic, but I really enjoy being around people and being productive.

There was one point where I was working full-time as an accountant, part-time as a barista, and part-time at Lululemon during the holiday season last year.

This may be surprising, but I never felt overwhelmed by my workload because my part-time jobs provided so much Social stimulation that I sometimes forgot I was being paid. …

And 1 Big Warning

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Andrik Langfield

Whether you are an active day trader, a long-term investor, or you have never bought or sold stock in your life, you’ve probably heard about the trading platform called Robinhood.

Robinhood revolutionized stock trading because they were the first commission-free brokerage platform.

Until a few years ago, a cost money to execute a trade. The sounds foreign and crazy now, but commission-free trading was unheard of.

Everything changed when Robinhood jumped on the scene because all established brokerages changed their model to remain competitive in the day trading environment.

Robinhood has an interesting reputation because it can be a fantastic tool for affordable trading, while it is also synonymous with gambling in other circles. …

It would be Accounting

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Gustavo Torres

Elon Musk has strong opinions about college. He says that it’s not about learning because you can learn anything for free.

He believes that college is for fun and for making connections.

I got a four-year degree double-majoring in finance and accounting, and for the most part, I agree that I could have received most of the information from online courses and Youtube videos for a fraction of the price or for free.

But if I had to recommend any of my college courses to anyone, it would have to be Introduction to Financial Accounting, aka, Accounting 101.

Warren Buffett said it best when he…

From Lattes to Muay Thai

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Matteo Kutufa

My Story

I got stranded in Florence, Italy, during Easter weekend of 2016.

During my abroad semester during college, I had just met up with a group of friends in Rome. We were heading back to Florence to catch a flight the next day and go our separate ways.

I was supposed to take care of our lodging, but I dropped the ball and forgot to book a hotel.

In the beginning, I did not think too much of it because how hard is it to get a place to stay and one of the most popular cities in the world? …

Don’t Get Thrown Off Course

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Macau Photo Agency

There are few things more exciting than making your first stock trade. I remembered mine six years ago, the first shares I bought were Twitter, and I got so overly excited when I saw the price go up I thought I had gotten the hang of it immediately.

I was going to be a hedge fund billionaire.

But then disaster struck in the price dropped, and I sold it at a loss because I was afraid.

Thankfully I have learned much since then, and I went on to double major in Accounting and Finance in college; I worked in wealth management for a little while, and now I write about Investments for my clients. …

Keep the Momentum Going!

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Element5 Digital

If the trend continues, it looks like this coming November will have some of the highest voter turnout in American history.

This is a massive testimony to the power of social media and younger people taking ownership of their civic duty to make their voice heard for what they want this country’s future to look like.

I am very excited about all of the opportunities for younger voters, for ease of access to ballots, and what the future holds on both a national and state level.

However, by this point, I think we have all been entirely overrun by reminders to register to vote and of the importance of voting. …


Justin Estes

I love people, music, and optimizing financial health

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