It’s Perfectly Okay to Like Heavy Metal

Emotional Purge

Other genres are great for certain emotional benefits, but there is absolutely nothing like blasting fast, loud, angry, and aggressive drop tune music to get all your angst out.

I understand that this can be a gray area because Outsiders think metal music is just about death and blood and Satan, but it’s not.

Not all metal is death metal. Turns out; there’s power metal, which focuses on virtues and Adventures; there’s speed metal, which is exactly what it sounds like. It’s just really fast music that gets your heart pounding, and you have melodic metal and neoclassical metal, which tanks classical music theory and applies it to rock music.

Musically Intriguing

I play guitar, and most of my influences are from The Rock and metal world, but whenever I play with fellow musicians, we always have a good time, regardless of their genre.

The fun part about music is that it’s infinite.

Country, Hip-Hop, rap, rock, blues, indie, and dubstep are all music, and metal brings an intensity and intricacy to Musicianship.

Get’s the Heart Pumping…..Really Fast

Last and certainly not least, nothing gets me as hype as metal.

Give it a Try

At the end of the day, I love most music, but I think that people who do not listen to metal music should give it a shot because it’s fun, it’s liberating, and it’s freaking loud.

I love people, music, and optimizing financial health

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